Lydia García Martín
Lydia García Martín
Your Confidence and Wellbeing Coach. Be true to yourself and become the best version of yourself.

Confidence & Well-being

let confidence set you free


Do you keep avoiding taking risks, making important decisions or trying new things?

Is it difficult for you to speak up, share your own opinion, setting boundaries or saying no?

It may feel as if something is sucking up your energy while you keep trying to do your best at everything, to keep everyone happy, but there is no outcome that makes your heart sing.

Perhaps, worries and thoughts are not letting you rest or feel the joy of a situation.


You know that there is something not working for you.

Let me tell you a secret...You are!

start your new adventure today

You desire to get rid of the stress and anxiety, to have time for you, to plan your future and enjoy your present.

You want to feel grounded, calm, content and secure so you can start taking healthy risks. 

You don´t believe as yet that you are already confident and courageous enough to start your own adventure.


Let confidence Speak your truth

Self-confidence Improves your well-being and takes you on new adventures


My name is Lydia


I am a Confidence and Well-being Coach, CBT Therapist, Adventurer, Animal Lover and World Traveller.   

I support people who are struggling with stress and who feel overwhelmed. I help them deal with worry and self-doubt by tapping into their fears and unhelpful beliefs, building up their sense of worth and confidence.

My aim is for them to see their potential and their strengths to overcome, or learn to live with, whatever that comes their way.

My ultimate goal is for them to gain the courage and motivation to make decisions with a security that comes from within. For them to start setting boundaries and taking care of themselves. For them to live a more balanced life and enhance their well-being while doing those things they have always wanted to do.




Let´s Begin Your Journey


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