Lydia García Martín
Lydia García Martín
Your Confidence and Wellbeing Coach. Be true to yourself and become the best version of yourself.

Autumn Intensive Coaching

Let´s finish this year on the road towards your dreamed life

Lydia helped me in so many ways. She helped me to break down the things I wanted to achieve into small manageable chunks that made it all feel attainable, whereas before everything had felt too overwhelming as if it was an impossible task.

She was great at pushing me when I needed to be pushed and questioning my goals when she could tell they didn’t come from my heart.

She really went above and beyond for me and I would recommend her to anyone.

I feel like I’ve come a long way since I started seeing Lydia; I’ve learned a really helpful method for tackling difficult tasks, I’ve made some important decisions for my life and I’m making good progress with a project that has been hanging over me for years!
— L.W- Researcher, Norwich



A 3-month private program for the Ones ready for living a life confidently and free!


You know me.

You know why I am so excited about helping others to BECOME MORE CONFIDENT and LIVE A LIFE OF FREEDOM.

  • Are you lacking on direction, focus or the knowledge of how you can make it happen in your particular situation?

  • Are you worried to the point you can´t take action and your are in the fence or about to give up on what you know, would make you happy?

  • Is it that you don´t feel ready, capable or worth it?

  • Core beliefs and thought patterns are that ingrained on your brain that it feels hard to change your mindset?

  • Do you feel vulnerable and not resilient enough?

I have felt it, I have been there.

And I want to support you to grow a security within. Feel that you can take risks as you become aware and learn the ways that best work for you.

I want you to live a life free from regrets, a curious and courageous life. I want you to BE FREE TO BE YOU. To feel supported and more than capable to deal with whatever comes your way.

Because let me remind you, YOU ALREADY HAVE, AND YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN.

Let Confidence Set You Free 




1x 90 Minutes strategy session to dig deep into what you want to work towards in order to design, plan and commit to living a balanced and fulfilling life with confidence.

Biweekly, 5 x 45 minutes coaching private calls via Zoom over a 3 Month period.

Unlimited access to me via email and Voxer so you don't get stuck. I am here to offer you support, encouragement and accountability, but also to celebrate your wins in between each session and keep you motivated!

Private online client folder to house your work.

2 x 20 Minutes follow up Zoom calls to support you and check what might be hindering your success and/or celebrate your wins. One after the first month of the end of the program and the other after 6 months.

Lydia Pic
I have really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Lydia. She is incredibly professional and approachable and I always felt comfortable to share what I was thinking.

Lydia’s combination of structure and warmth has helped me gain clarity of thought during a very difficult time and allow me to make sense of them and develop an action plan to move forward. As someone who has a tendency to overthink and go on tangents, Lydia’s ability to gently and tactfully bring me back to what I am trying to achieve and what is important has been invaluable.

With Lydia’s help, I have been able to make significant progress towards launching my own business and I would recommend Lydia as a coach in a heartbeat.
— L.S - Entrepeneur, London

This unique opportunity of ending the year with a new energy, a new refreshed mindset and with new skills and objectives accomplished, requires less than £23 a week investment!

End 2018 with confidence and rejuvenated self-belief!


If you are committed, ready and you would benefit from a payment plan, there is also an option for you! I want to end this year helping as many humans as I can to start savoring the life of freedom. That flavor that brings taking actions that are in alignment with all your values, especially when those are in balanced.


*I work with my clients in a variety of ways. If The Autumn Offer doesn't feel like the right fit let's chat to find an alternative to support your ultimate desires.

ARE YOU Still on the fence?

 The coaching sessions with Lydia have been life-changing for me. With her kind, nurturing, enthusiastic but determined nature she managed to help me set big goals in the first place and then break them down into manageable and tangible tasks. She taught me that even emotional goals can be tied to actual, proactive tasks and how I can find the confidence and determination to tackle them
— A.R - Designer, London
Take action


Don´t let it pass by…

Are you ready to build your life of freedom?

Don´t let any dream, goal, desire hanging up this year.

Let´s get all the way there