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One concept to dramatically improve your resilience, motivation and success

Improve your resilience and be able to deal with life challenges while staying strong.
Keep yourself motivated and master your performance at work or professional career.

Learn the concept that contributes to having great relationships, those that feel meaningful and where you feel truly connected.

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My Radical Self-Care Challenge

Well-being is at the core of all the work I do. My aim is for you to achieve your dreams, with no stress or burnout. I have the default of leaning towards work. Do you?

When it comes to prioritising, my career has always been my main focus. So, during this time of change, I keep applying what I encourage you to constantly work on, self-care. I took it to an extreme. Find out why and how I did it.

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You are not allow to be nice to yourself [3 tips to stop the vicious shame-cycle that your self-critic creates]

Your self-critic plays a big role on the development of depression and anxiety.  I used to think a harsh self-critic was motivating me to be better, to keep going, but was it?

Find out 3 scientifically proven techniques that will support you in breaking the vicious downward spiral that your self-critic creates and keep cultivating confidence, resilience and improving your well-being.

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First 3 steps that will set you free from fighting the wrong battle

We often navigate through life unaware that we are fighting battles that are actually not ours and the reason is likely to be lack of awareness or that we are trying to avoid dealing with our own monsters.

Lack of awareness, avoiding our fears and not taking action driven by our values can make us prisoners of others’ intentions, objectives or goals.

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