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How to deal with traumatic and highly stressful events

Traumatic events or events that attempt against your safety have the potential to create traumatic stress in many forms.

For days, weeks or even months, you might be left feeling anxious, angry, fearful, responsible, guilty for what happened, irritable, preoccupied and constantly having thoughts about the event.

Find how to avoid highly stressful events from evolving into major problems.

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You are not allow to be nice to yourself [3 tips to stop the vicious shame-cycle that your self-critic creates]

Your self-critic plays a big role on the development of depression and anxiety.  I used to think a harsh self-critic was motivating me to be better, to keep going, but was it?

Find out 3 scientifically proven techniques that will support you in breaking the vicious downward spiral that your self-critic creates and keep cultivating confidence, resilience and improving your well-being.

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