Option A or option B? The truth about making the right choices

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We are all the time making decisions, but when decisions seem big, we experience the fear of uncertainty alongside many others.

Is this the best choice? Is it the right choice? Am I ready for it?

This has certainly been a common subject in my life recently: Should I leave my secure job and become an entrepreneur? Should I move country again? Should I stay at work a bit longer so I finish up this project or should I have some “Me Time ” to nurture my needs?  

I struggled with decisions for a long time and as a result, I always decided to take what seemed like the safest options. However, as I started to work on my self-awareness and stopped looking for the answers outside myself, I came to understand what the key was to make the right choice, so the fear of uncertainty would no longer hold me back.

The Truth

What makes decisions difficult is not that we don’t have all the information we need, or that they are life-changing decisions, but it is not having a clear understanding of what we really want.

The best option before making any decision is to stop rationalising for a second and creating tons of reasons of why to follow Option A or Option B and to instead start looking inwards.

Having a look at your values, those that drive you towards an outcome and those that drive you away and becoming clear on what values stand out the most for you is essential to help you choose which path to walk. The path that feels right for you.

Once you’re aware of your Whys, it will be easier to make decisions

Another key to making decisions is dealing with Self-Doubt. When uncertainty comes in, which will most of time if not always (we cannot be sure that things will go as we want them to go 100%), then confidence becomes an important factor to look at.

Decision Making

Understanding what is really important to us and believing that we are capable of overcoming obstacles and learning from experience to get there, will help us to take the necessary steps to start taking action and making decisions that feel right for us. The ones that are in alignment with our values.

How knowing the truth inspired me to start this blog

As an example, I am going to use this first post to introduce my reasons for being here, for communicating with you.

When I decided to write this blog, I had understood the whys behind doing so, and those were bigger than my fears.

My fears:

I am not English, how am I going to express what I have to say perfectly so my readers can benefit from it? (perfectionist recovering here…) What if I make mistakes? What if I have no idea of how to connect with my audience? What if people get to know me and they don’t like what they find?

My whys:

I was clear that I want to deliver valuable content to help and inspire others to live a purposeful life, the life they choose to live. I knew I want to prevent mental health problems and promote well-being through personal development, as I know how important it is to become aware of who you are and how your mind works in order to keep moving forward and overcoming obstacles.

I have no idea how it is going to turn out, but I dealt with the uncertainty by having a look at my doubts and related fears, invited them for a cup of tea, got to know them a bit better, negotiated with them and became confident. If I am able to use my knowledge to give tools that serve just one person to achieve their dreams, any risks are worth it.


hard decisions and why this is such a great opportunity for growth

I want to end the post with a TED talk video featuring the philosopher Ruth Chang that expands on this topic. She illustrates further what makes some decisions difficult and how hard choices are great opportunities to tap into who we want to become, which will help us in choosing between A or B.

Hard choices can be real opportunities to check in with ourselves and reflect on what is really important for us. We grow with each hard decision we make, we learn from taking action.

Knowing our whys, our values will help us decide which direction to take as we discover what our destination is.

On the way, you will learn what your fears are, and it is up to you whether you let them win or you befriend them, to keep moving forward with courage, to be true to yourself, to be the best version of you.

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