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How to deal with traumatic and highly stressful events

Traumatic events or events that attempt against your safety have the potential to create traumatic stress in many forms.

For days, weeks or even months, you might be left feeling anxious, angry, fearful, responsible, guilty for what happened, irritable, preoccupied and constantly having thoughts about the event.

Find how to avoid highly stressful events from evolving into major problems.

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My Radical Self-Care Challenge

Well-being is at the core of all the work I do. My aim is for you to achieve your dreams, with no stress or burnout. I have the default of leaning towards work. Do you?

When it comes to prioritising, my career has always been my main focus. So, during this time of change, I keep applying what I encourage you to constantly work on, self-care. I took it to an extreme. Find out why and how I did it.

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Change, no stress added.

When we start to ask ourselves what we want, we begin a process that can generate stress.

It is possible that you have been dedicating all your time to other people, that your identity is somewhat blurred because you have not been thinking about yourself for a long time, or that you have never really considered where you want to go, or what is it that you really want. And so when this question is asked, it is not easily answered.

If you find it difficult to give an answer to the question of what do you want, don’t fret.

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