Lydia García Martín
Lydia García Martín
Your Confidence and Wellbeing Coach. Be true to yourself and become the best version of yourself.

Toolkit to Manage stress with confidence

{ 3 -Day Challenge }

The busy woman's toolkit on feeling less stressed and more grounded in the face of difficulties


Identify how to combat the biggest sources of stress in your life with the resources you have right now so you can start feeling more clear and in control. 


↠ Discover what are the best options for you at this moment to keep your Confidence up during these times of overwhelmed so you can leave the process raising from the difficulties.


↠ Bonus! Take away the #1 psychological key factor that will help you to feel motivated and succeed at the time that makes you feel warm and supported during the journey.

What will you get with each email? 

  • You get a workbook with the activities and prompts that will guide you through the process.

  • Some of them will be accompanied by audios or videos to guide you in using the tools.

  • Finally, you get unlimited access to me via email during these 3 days to ask any questions about the material and tools or to share any insights you have gain through the journey!


My name is Lydia

I'm a Confidence and Well-being Coach, CBT Therapist, Adventurer, Animal Lover and World Traveler.

I support women who are struggling with stress, self-doubt and are feeling unsatisfied.

I help them tackle their fears and unhelpful beliefs and develop resilience so they can gain the courage and confidence to listen to their gut instincts and take the risks that will allow them to create fulfilling careers while fully enjoying their lives.