Lydia García Martín
Lydia García Martín
Your Confidence and Wellbeing Coach. Be true to yourself and become the best version of yourself.

The New Beginning

Gain the Confidence and Courage you are searching for to bring balance, enjoyment and freedom to your life




You can Make it Happen!


You are ready to make a change and start living on your own terms.


Are you...

  • Feeling a sense of lack of direction and lack of available tools to deal with the stressful challenges that might be coming up your way.
  • Unsatisfied with the way you perceive life right now. You have been busy focusing on your career, studying the next thing that will make you feel you are prepared while perhaps neglecting other areas of your life, but not really taking action.
  • Worrying about the future or ruminating about past experiences. Noticing the way in which you said or did something, what others might have thought of you and full of “What Ifs” and "If Onlys".
  • Sitting on the fence of a big decision to make, waiting for changes to take place in your business, career or in your relationships.
  • Lacking belief in yourself, perhaps thinking you haven´t got what it takes to move forward, to make a change, to overcome obstacles, to deal with conflict, intense emotions or to make it work.
  • Afraid of taking risks, afraid of opening up,
    sharing your truth or opinion, saying NO, or establishing boundaries.

It doesn't have to be like that anymore

"You can't change the sea but you can learn to surf it's waves"



I have been there...

In 2016, I experienced a great transition that started with a burnt out.  At some point in my life, my identity got leagued with my career and that became my main focus. However, my relationship with it wasn’t as healthy as I would have like it to be, I was severely neglecting other areas that were important to me.

Start your new adventure.jpg

After taking a closer look at how I was living my life and going through a challenging rediscovery, I realised it was confidence and self-belief what was missing. It was what was affecting my life in different areas, not only in the way I was relating to my career but also in how I was relating to others and to myself.

When I came to the conclusion that lack of confidence was affecting my well-being and that this was at the core of my feelings of being trapped and unsatisfied I decided to start my new adventure and freedom became my choice.

My aim continued to be about making an impact in others people’s lives, but I wanted to do it while walking my talk. I decided to embrace vulnerability and risks as I became aware it was the key to build up resilience, something I thought I was severely lacking.

I started to integrate my experience in the psychology and Well-being sector with the coaching industry. I not only started to put into practice all the techniques and tools learnt during my career to build my confidence and feel grounded, but I decided this would be the focus of my work.

I want you to feel the empowerment I felt when I cultivated self-belief, the impact it will have on your well-being and consequently how this will have an effect on the work you do and how you can impact other people’s lives for the better with that work.


Imagine a life where….


↠ You know you are creating and walking the path that is right for you at this point in your life.

↠ You don’t avoid taking risks because you know you will be able to deal or learn to live with whatever comes your way.

↠ Self-doubts and negative thought patterns don’t stop you anymore from achieving what you really want by playing it safe.

↠Where you can make a great impact on others people’s lives as you put in practice your valuable knowledge and expertise to support them in their own path.

↠ You don’t sabotage your own success and you start seeing the great posibilities of taking imperfect action.

↠ Your fears become opportunities for delevopment and your anxieties become excitement.

↠ You believe your are capable to learn and grow from your mistakes. You know deep inside you are resilient.

↠You feel confident, grounded and secure enough to take a big leap and make your dreams become your reality.


The New Beginning

Let Your Confidence set you free




Pre-Program Work, the workbook that will support you in clarifying your ideas and gaining focus from the very beginning so you can make the most of the 1:1 session.
1x 90 Minutes strategy session plan to dig deep into the steps you can take to design the balanced life you desire and devise the possible obstacles that can come your way, so you can start working out how to deal with them.

Biweekly, 6 x 60-minutes coaching private calls via Zoom over a 4 Month period.

Unlimited access to me via email and Voxer so you don't get stuck. I am here to offer you support, encouragement to work through the doubts and accountability , but also to celebrate your wins in between each session!

BONUS: A personalised workbook that I will develop just for you! Having your goals in mind, I will create a supportive workbook based on your needs and just for you so you can use it as an extra personalised resource.

Private online client folder to house your work and bonus materials you will have access to during the process.

2 x 20 Minutes follow up Zoom calls to support you and check what might be hindering your success and/or celebrate your wins. One after the first month of the end of the program and the other after 6 months.


Work on The Pillars to authentic Confidence

Curisity Mindset/Learner Perspective
Self-awareness/About you

Why The new beginning?




This experience is customised to you and your journey, but here are some of the common topics the program covers:

  • Gain awareness of your desires and fears so you can develop a sense of direction and purpose and start designing a life you feel satisfied with.
  • Recognise and deal with sources of stress so you can decrease overwhelmed, start feeling calm and ready to create the life you feel in balance with.
  • Understand your worry and learn the tools to manage it in a different way so they can stop letting life pass you by while your mind is occupied/lost in a negative brain loop and start enjoying the present moment.
  • Create daily habits/practices to best nurture your needs, learn to overcome your fears and self-doubt and trust yourself so you can make strong decisions, start enjoying your life and increase your sense of freedom.
  • Gain the courage to speak your mind and set healthy boundries so you can stop feeling drained and discover how your potential to contribute can multiply by putting yourself first.
  • Break through perfectionism so you can increase your sense of worth and self-belief developing a good enough perspective and feeling comfortable in your own skin.
  • Cultivate compassion and self-acceptance so you can deal with selfcriticism and the emotions that are linked to it (anger, anxiety, resentment…) cultivating a curiosity approach to take the risks you know you won’t regret and would bring you success.
  • Discover how to be vulnerable in a safe manner so you can feel comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and stop being held back by your fears.


Are you ready to master the Pillars to Authentic Confidence?


What is it like to work with me?


"Lydia helped me in so many ways. She helped me to break down the things I wanted to achieve into small managable chunks that I made it all feel attainable, whereas before everything had felt to overwhelming as if it
was an impossible task. She was great at pushing me when I needed to be pushed and questioning my goals when she could tell they didn’t come from my heart. She really went above and beyond for me and I would
recommend her to anyone.

I feel like i’ve come a long way since I started seeing Lydia; I’ve learned a really helpful method for tackling difficult tasks, I’ve made some important decisions for my life and I’m making good progress with a project that has been hanging over me for years!"

L.W – Researcher - Norwich



“The coaching sessions with Lydia have been life-changing for me. With her kind, nurturing, enthusiastic but
determined nature she managed to help me set big goals in the first place and then break them down into
manageable and tangible tasks. She taught me that even emotional goals can be tied to actual, proactive tasks
and how I can find the confidence and determination to tackle them”

A.R — Designer- London


“Prior to my sessions with Lydia I was very mixed up about many aspects of my life. I am a single mum and had
poured myself into my children for a number of years and had lost myself a bit. I was finding it difficult to make
any sort of decisions especially about my career. I kept coming up with ideas and then talked myself out of them, going round in circles. I was procrastinating, getting very frustrated and despondent. A downward circle.

Lydia was fantastic at drawing out the “real me” she listened very carefully and made me realised I have the answer after all (a real talent). Together we came up with an action plan and I had no excuse but to move forward. This was invaluable for me.

Lydia is so obviously passionate about people following their dreams and living fulfilled lives its infections! I just needed someone to sort out my thoughts and give me a push to take action and this is exactly what she did!”

L.D- Entrepreneur - Ipswich

This is your time...

Let Confidence Speak Your Truth and Enhance Your Well-being


Your Investment for a new beginning

4 Payments of £375 or $485

I work with my clients in a variety of ways. If The New Beginning doesn't feel like the right fit let's chat to find an alternative to support your ultimate desires.


I have experienced first-hand how it feels to go from digging deep to find who you truly are to accepting it, embracing it and to work hard to be every day closer to the person you want to become, walking tall, with that pressure off your shoulders, believing you will be able to handle or learn to live with whatever comes your way.

It comes down to how you relate to yourself first. From there, you will be able to change everything else around you.
This is the stepping stone that will take you live a fulfilling career and fully enjoy your life.

You don’t have to let fear guide you anymore, It is very likely that you already have the skills and knowledge and all you have to do is to see in yourself what others see in you.

Set yourself free from your own judgement first so you can learn how to deal with life in a much healthier way.

It is your mission to be yourself, to be authentic, to be a model to those feeling the same way.

You can make a greater impact on this society through your work and through choosing to live your passions, while being real, wildly enjoying life. 

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Lydia has helped me achieve and go above and beyond my initial goals. She created a very safe and trusting space where I could talk freely and feel understood, yet always remained extremely professional.

She provided me with a lot of great material to follow on from our sessions and was aware that the sessions does not finish after our conversation. She made sure I was guided through the process with enough support and tasks to help me achieve my goal, without feeling overwhelmed or stressed about achieving them.

Lydia has left me coming out of this amazing process recommending life coaching to everyone and she will continue to inspire and nurture so many others. I am truly grateful.

A.R - Designer- London