Lydia García Martín
Lydia García Martín
Your Confidence and Wellbeing Coach. Be true to yourself and become the best version of yourself.

Your confidence & Well-being Coach

The coaching sessions with Lydia have been life-changing for me. With her kind, nurturing, enthusiastic but determined nature she managed to help me set big goals in the first place and then break them down into manageable and tangible tasks. She taught me that even emotional goals can be tied to actual, proactive tasks and how I can find the confidence and determination to tackle them
— A.R - Designer - London




The new beginning

The New Beginning is a 4 Month Intensive 1-1 Program where you will be able to start dealing with what is draining your energy so you can start working towards your objectives and find the right balance in your life

Not only you will gain clarity and focus in regards to what you are looking for and start dealing with your sources of stress, you will also become aware of what might be holding you back and start working on unhelpful beliefs, while cultivating compassion and resiliense.

Work on your mindset and build your confidence up, stop procrastinating and start making the decisions that will bring balance and new adventures to your life as you  create your unshakable plan.

roadmap to confidence

Here is the 6 Month Intensive 1-1 Program that will support you in learning how to start dealing with the deep rooted fears that have been holding you back so you can enhance your career and relationships while you continue to enjoy every second of your time.

Paint your big picture and get on the road to unshakable self-belief.

You will have the tools to; manage the challenges that the journey may bring, deal with worry and stress, package your desires and get on the way to follow your dream and learn to manage your time in a way that you can get more from life.

You will practice self-acceptance, self-compassion and build resilience so you can reach your full potential and be the best version of you.

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